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Learning Through Play

The Adventure Map enables young student to navigate the program by clicking on the numbers that correspond with learning adventures.

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Click on one of the language tracks below to view the Forest Adventure learning module. 

The Method

It's As Easy As 1-2-3!

The Benefits

Bilingual education enhances skills critical for success in the 21st century.

Critical Thinking
Social Skills
Cross-Cultural Competency

What the Experts Say

"Little Sponges addresses the development of vocabulary in both English and a second language in an engaging way for all young children when their brains are most ripe for acquiring language."
Marie Kobayashi
ESL and World Languages Manager
"My students are loving the program I have noticed a ton of growth! They sing Little Sponges song all day long!"
Jocelyn Sizemore
Preschool Teacher
"Little Sponges is a wonderful bilingual program that helps children with learning Mandarin. My students love Mishka and Frog! The quiz section is their happy moment to show how much they know."
Hongying Zhang
Mandarin Teacher
"Little Sponges assessments enable us to see how much our students are learning and we are thrilled with the results!"
Giovanna Alvarez
Giovanna Alvarez
Director of Su Casa Hispanic Center
"Students who come from background of poverty tend to have limited vocabulary and Little Sponges offers an excellent way to increase students' vocabulary in both English and Spanish and position them for success in our program."
Dr. Holden
Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
"We are very pleased with the results in our pre-school and K classes. Students are learning 300% more vocabulary with Little Sponges than before. The students really enjoy watching the videos and participating in the program!"
Jen Jensen
The Head of the Lower School

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